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Leroy Grey

Old Town Brainerd, Chattanooga
I've been an entrepreneur since 1971 when me and my girlfriend became gypsy entrepreneurs. We converted our van into a workshop and living quarters. She made sandals, I made natural yogurt and candies.

My most successful business was as an Internet Services Provider between early 1996 and October, 2002, I sold my business, worked a short term, high paying contract with the State of WV, moving 100's of state websites to newer Windows 2000 servers, and spent several months writing a book about the 12 Principles for Spiritual Entrepreneurs I'd discovered, principles hidden in the parables of Jesus Christ.

My latest book, "Make Christianity Great Again" is an expose of Christianity, revealing how destructive its religion is to the Spirit-centered teachings of Jesus. I've identified 9 Spirit-centered teachings Jesus taught, that are not being taught by Christianity.

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